Brampton Restaurant Under Fire for This Controversial Policy


It seems a Brampton Japanese restaurant is under a cloud of controversy after a customer posted on social media that her cousin had to pay the full adult price for the all your can eat menu…despite being 12 years old.

A customer named Liz McCarthy recounted her experience when she and her family went to the Tokyo Maki Japanese restaurant located in Brampton.

We told our waitress that she was 12 and we were asked how many months she is. The waitress was visibly angry making remarks saying if she is over 11 years old and 2 months, it is full price even though the menu says 7-12. She then asked for her ID and when my mom gave it, they all came and wanted to look at it and bring it to the back. After seeing it, they still decided they would decide if she is the “height of a 12 year old” by measuring her in the restaurant,” McCarthy recounted in her post.

They made her take off her shoes in the middle of the restaurant and stand to measure herself in front of everyone! Please share! This is harassment and they embarrassed us by doing this in front of the entire restaurant for my cousin who is actually 12,” adding that her 10 year old cousin was the same height but was not ID’d or measured by staff.

McCarthy said her cousin therefore had to pay the full adult price for all you can eat despite being a child, which the employee said was company policy.

The manager of Tokyo Maki, Raymond, went on the restaurant’s Facebook page and posted that under their policy, children are priced based on their height because, according to him, “some of the children’s height are taller as adults and sometimes they eat more than an adult,” adding that when he is on duty, the adult price is charged when the child is a little taller than 60”.

Raymond also said there was a new employee during that shift and she was following the policy to the letter, but later said an experienced staff came to explain and adjust the price for the customer and they didn’t charge the child by adult price.

He also said they never have customers take their shoes off to measure their height.

McCarthy replied to this latest post from Tokyo Maki with the following:

Subsequently, other customers commented on the Facebook post that the restaurant’s policy regarding children’s height was, to put it mildly, irrational and that other issues such as rudeness from staff.

Another person put up this comment citing the irrationality of the restaurant’s height policy.

Tokyo Maki is located on 2 Bartley Bull Parkway, across the street from Shoppers World.

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