Brampton street name change results in mixed reviews from residents


Brampton City Council unanimously passed a motion moved by Regional Councillor Gurpreet Singh Dhillon and City Councillor Harkirat Singh at their meeting on October 23, 2019, to rename a street in honour of the anniversary of the Sikh religion’s founder, Guru Nanak.

The street, formerly known as the section of Peter Robertson Blvd between Dixie Road and Great Lakes Road, will be renamed to ‘Guru Nanak Street’ or ‘Guru Nanak Road’, which has resulted in mixed reviews from Brampton residents.

By that regulation, then why can’t we have a Sai Baba Way or Jesus Street?” said one resident.

Why are we mixing religion with the government?” another resident asked.

Another resident said, “But now [Mayor Patrick] Brown is involved and he has a record of appeasing minorities with superficial things like street names.”

I think this is setting a horrible precedent and each community is going to want something similar. That isn't uniting us but dividing us more,” another resident said.

If the arguments being made that having an old street named switched to a religious one now sets a dangerous or divisive precedent, the evidence shows that it doesn't,” said another resident.

The city of Brampton has confirmed that this name change does not go against any violations.

This renaming is conditional on approval from the Region of Peel Street Naming Committee and/or Region of Peel Council. The renaming does not go against the City's Asset Naming policy,” they said.

The new name of the road will be subject to approvals by the Region of Peel’s Street Naming Committee. Official ceremony date announcements will follow.

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