Brampton to Host Canada's Largest Cricket Tournament


Canada’s largest Cricket tournament is coming to Brampton very soon.

The City is hosting the Global T20 (GT20) Cricket Tournament this summer. GT20 is an annual cricket tournament featuring the top North American cricket players and some of the biggest names in cricket from around the world. 

Brampton has 12 major cricket fields and four minor-sized fields. The City also has three large cricket projects underway in 2019.

Two new full-size cricket fields are being constructed in the 407/Dixie area and at Gore Meadows Community Centre. In addition, the Teramoto Park cricket field is getting LED lighting, which will cover the entire field, a first for a full-sized cricket field in Canada.

"I'm proud to say that Brampton is hosting the GT20 Cricket Tournament this year,” said Mayor Patrick Brown. “As a Healthy and Safe city where cricket is especially popular, Brampton is an ideal location for this renowned event. We invite local, national and international audiences to attend what is sure to be a thrilling tournament this summer." 

The first season of the tournament was held last year in June in King City, Ontario. This year’s second season will take place from July 25 to August 11, in Brampton.

"GT20 Canada is delighted to make Brampton its new home,” said Gurmeet Singh, the Owner of GT20 Canada. “This is a natural habitat for cricket to grow and flourish, and we are fully committed to bringing world-class cricket and some of its biggest names to the city. With the support of the City and guidance of Cricket Canada, we are investing at a grassroots level to nurture talent and produce world-class cricketers to serve Canadian cricket in the future. I thank the City of Brampton and Mayor Patrick Brown for their support in bringing us here. Together, we can add Brampton to the global cricket map.”

The GT20 is the first major T20 cricket tournament held in Canada, and is expected to draw national and international audiences. 

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