Brampton Transit Announces Major Zum to York U Service Update


Students and Brampton Transit riders alike have been waiting with bated breath to hear whether or not the Zum 501/501A will continue to service York University when the Toronto-York Spadina subway extension opens.

Brampton Transit has discussed big changes to the transit system, wherein they considered eliminating Zum service to York U as an option to accommodate the subway extension.

Now, Brampton Transit has officially announced that the route will continue to service York University.

Currently, York U students who commute from Brampton have direct access to campus by way of the 501/501A route.

Losing the 501/501A service would have meant students spent more time commuting, and faced a fare increase by having to take both the bus and the subway to campus.

After commuter feedback through surveys and Public Information Centres, the route will continue to operate as it does now.

According to Brampton Transit, there will still be some minor routing changes on the 501 around the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

There will also be a number of extra trips added during the peak periods starting in September. 

For now, student commuters can breathe a sigh of relief.

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