Brampton Transit Employees Read Out Mean Tweets


While many people are indeed grateful for public transportation, others can’t help but air their profanity-laced frustrations on Twitter.

For that reason, it’s good that so many Brampton Transit representatives and employees can laugh at some of the meaner tweets hurled in their direction.

To celebrate World Compliment Day, Brampton’s public transport agency decided to be a little cheeky and post a video of some mean (well, mostly frustrated) tweets on its official Facebook page. Acting on inspiration from Jimmy Kimmel and York Regional Police, drivers and other workers took turns giggling over f-bombs and dramatic declarations that the service is “life ruining.”

Since most people gripe about public transportation (we can only imagine the hate the TTC gets on Twitter), it’s nice to see Brampton workers take it in stride and ultimately promise good service to all.

Here’s a look at the video:

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