Brampton Transit Fares About to Increase


If you frequently use transit in Brampton, these upcoming changes may interest you.

The City Council has approved changes recommended by Brampton Transit to increase adult PRESTO fares starting May 12.

Cash fare, GO co-fare, and all other PRESTO categories (senior, youth and child) will remain unchanged.

The changes to PRESTO adult fares are:

The hope is for these changes to bring in $1.1 million in revenue during 2019. This can hep Brampton Transit finance numerous service improvements and expansions. These include adding five 60 ft articulated and seven 40 ft conventional buses to the fleet in 2019 and providing 81,000 more service hours this year.

Brampton seniors will soon receive fare reductions. Brampton Transit is working towards launching $15 monthly seniors' passes by the end of the year or early 2020.

For more information on Brampton Transit, you can visit:

Cover photo courtesy of Brampton Transit Facebook

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