Brampton transit's new loyalty program to reward passengers with free rides


Brampton Transit is launching a loyalty program on Monday, July 6, that allows customers to earn free rides when they pay the fare with their PRESTO cards. 

If riders pay for 12 trips on Brampton Transit in a one-week period from Monday to Sunday using their PRESTO card balance, every trip after that will be free during that same week as a result.

The loyalty program is a new and rewarding way to travel for Brampton Transit riders.

It will encourage contactless payments and all riders can earn free trips no matter their age, as the program applies to all fare categories.

Transfers and fares paid on other transit service providers and discounted GO co-fare payments do not count towards this program. Weekly passes are still available.

Riders who still use cash to pay for their trips are encouraged to get a PRESTO card from a Customer Service counter.

For a limited time only, the $6 PRESTO card fee is waived - one card per customer.

Customer Counters at transit terminals are open with the exception of Trinity Common Terminal building.

An enhanced cleaning and sanitizing schedule remains in effect.

It is Brampton Transit's goal to disinfect all hard surfaces, operator compartments and seats every 48 hours.

The majority of buses are currently sanitized every 24 hours. Facilities and terminals that have hard surfaces are wiped down and sanitized on a daily basis.

The City urges riders to continue to maintain physical distancing at terminals, and at bus stops, even while wearing a mask, as much as possible.

Riders are also reminded to carry their own personal disinfectant when travelling, such as hand sanitizer or wipes, wash their hands often, and cough or sneeze into their elbow.

If you're sick, please refrain from riding transit, get tested at the nearest COVID-19 assessment site and follow public health instructions.

With guidance from Peel Public Health, riders are reminded that non-medical masks are mandatory on buses and terminals.

The City of Brampton is working closely with its partners at Peel Public Health and the Brampton Emergency Management Office to continue to monitor risks.

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