Brampton Will Ban U-turns at 3 High Risk Locations


Dangerous actions at intersections can lead to accidents. One of the most common acts drivers make is unsafe U-turns.

To help combat this problem, The City of Brampton will bring new rules prohibiting U-turns at three locations, due to many reports of motorists making dangerous U-turns. 

The main area affected by the bans includes two intersections and the area of road linking them on Notre Dame Avenue between Richvale Drive South and Kennedy Road.

"Motorists were reported to be performing unsafe and disruptive U-turn manoeuvres while dropping off or picking up students," said Kevin Minaker, the Manager of Traffic and Parking Operations in a council report. "These U-turns cause congestion difficulties and unsafe conditions for through traffic."

Abnormally high numbers of u-turns were also recorded at the intersection of Heart Lake Road and Countryside Drive and the intersection of Queen Street and Hansen Road.

Peel Police state that disobeying a traffic sign can result in a $110 fine and two demerit points for a driver. If the violation occurs in a school area or similar safety zone, the fine can rise to $180 and two demerit points.

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