Brampton will continue hosting events at Gage Park despite concerns of its preservation


Although there have been public concerns about the conservation of Gage Park, the city of Brampton will continue to use it as a venue for hosting events.

Gage Park is known for its popular annual events which include the Brampton Global Jazz and Blues Festival and the Rotary Rib 'n' Roll festival.

In a staff report at a meeting that took place on November 13, 2019, the council received a staff report that recommended the transfer of events currently hosted at Gage Park to other venues close by, such as Rosalea Park.

"Despite an aggressive program of turf maintenance and installation of an irrigation system, the combined negative effects of park events and stresses from the surrounding urban environment will likely accelerate the mortality rate and overall health of the trees and continue to deteriorate the turf quality," the report said.

The report also said, "Staff recommends that the City reduce the impact on the park due to repeated events by no longer offering Gage Park as a venue for events.”

At the meeting, it was evident that the council wasn’t in total agreement with the recommendation.

Mayor Patrick Brown said, "I think it would be a significant mistake and would be a disconnect from the public wishes if we restricted the use or said you couldn't have events at Gage Park," suggesting an alternative for maintenance increase to conserve the park’s nature. 

Councillors who spoke up about the event ban at Gage Park weren’t in agreeance and passed a motion requesting a further investigation on ways to conserve it. 

Photo courtesy of Gage Park Brampton’s Facebook page. 

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