Brampton's Big Blue Monster House May be Demolished Soon


If you know about Brampton's controversial "Big Blue Monster" house at 443 Centre Street, you may be pleased to know that the property may be demolished in the near future.

The house, a 6,600 square foot half-finished home, has been controversial since it was first revealed, both for its height and size. The big blue house on Centre Street stands out because it’s surrounded by much smaller bungalows and more understated homes. It has stood partially completed since the city revoked its building permits.

According to CityNews, the City of Brampton admitted it issued the building permit in error. Since 2013, the city has been trying to get the permit revoked.

The home has been a huge source of dispute between owner Ahmed Elbasiouni and the City of Brampton since then.

What was once a small bungalow five years ago is now a massive eyesore, one that some neighbours consider an atrocity. The small bungalow was torn down and what's now known as Brampton's monster house stands in its place.

Elbasiouni's neighbours have complained that their property values have dropped as a result of the monster home (which is pretty atrocious considering the hot-hot-hot housing market).

As for a little history, Elbasiouni was granted a building permit in 2012 to redevelop the property, and after some advancement in construction, was ordered by the city to tear it down, bring the building into compliance with zoning bylaws, or get approval from the committee of adjustments.

Interestingly enough, he also wanted to construct a massive fence around the already massive property.

Elbasiouni applied to the committee of adjustments to erect a 3.5 (11.48 feet) metre fence around the property, when the by-law permits a maximum of 2 metres (6.56 feet). The 3.5 metre high fence would have extended for approximately 50 feet along the northern limit of the site and for approximately 32 feet along the eastern limit.

The committee turned him down in January.

According to CityNews, Elbasiouni says that he has complied with the city's size bylaws, and continues to defend his property against the city.

Elbasiouni has also launched a $20-million lawsuit against the municipality and three individual councillors.

At the end of April, the city filed an application with the Superior Court, asking for an order that the unfinished house be demolished.

A hearing date has been set for Monday August 21, 2017.

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