Brampton's Getting a Marijuana Production Company


With legalization just weeks away on October 17, 2018, one company has announced that it will grow and distribute the substance from a flagship Canadian production facility.

Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (PURE) announced on August 23 that it’s opening a facility right here in Brampton.

The company recently released a statement with the details.

According to PURE, it has completed a Phase 1 build-out, and it has officially started Phase 2 and Phrase 3 build-outs that are set to be completed in early 2019.

Phase 2 will be a “18,000 sq ft. proprietary multi-ponic vertical production with an expected funded production capacity of 4,000 kg per annum,” according to the statement.

Phase 3 will go even bigger.

Phase 3 will be a “total 41,000 sq ft. proprietary multi-ponic vertical cultivation facility with an expected total funded production capacity of 8,000 kg per annum,” reads the statement.

The company says it has secured inventory for product launch in time for legalization in Canada this October.

PURE expects revenue generation to commence immediately upon launch,” reads the statement.

PURE is also opening a flagship international facility in Colombia.

Why Brampton and Colombia?

The combined licenses give PURE two high value assets which will be production, processing, R&D, and distribution hubs,” said Malay Panchal, President & CEO of Pure Global, in the statement.

One hub is near the heart of Canada’s most populous regions including access to 20% of the nation’s population. The other hub is in an ideal climatic, industrial region for large scale commercial cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and global distribution.”

What do you think of Brampton getting a marijuana production facility? has reached out to PURE for more information. This article will be updated when more information becomes available.

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