Brampton's Getting a Special Fall Movie Night Soon


So, you thought movie nights in Brampton were over for the year? Bundle yourself up in a blanket, grab some hot chocolate, and prepare to be amazed.

If you love movie nights in Brampton, you’ll be as pleased to learn as we were that another movie night is headed our way this year! Before the snow falls, too. 

Right after the Great Pumpkin Party on Wednesday November 1, 2017, from 6-8 p.m., you can catch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on the Garden Square screen at Main and Queen. 

As for the Great Pumpkin Party, Bramptonians are invited to dress up in their Halloween costumes for one more evening and bring all of their pumpkins to Garden Square.

What happens to your precious pumpkins, you ask?

There will be a display of pumpkins, lit up one last time for the year. Then, the pumpkins will be prepared for composting at the Great Pumpkin Smash - a very environmentally friendly pumpkin smash that essentially diverts your pumpkins from the landfill.

Free activities are promised, such as cookie decorating, a glow show, and live entertainment.

Though movie nights wrapped up back on October 7, it’s exciting to know that another one is coming our way. The holiday season is well on its way, after all, so this is a great event to celebrate the season. 

As sad as it is, now might be your last chance to curl up in a lawn chair with a blanket outdoors and catch a movie at Garden Square. So, grab your dates, or your families, or just yourself, and hit up the Square nice and early to get a good spot, because you might not be able to do so again until next year.

Enjoy, Brampton!

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