Brampton's Japanese Cherry Blossoms Could Bloom Soon


Ah, cherry blossom season (aka. spring). That time of year is finally here when the stunning pink blooms wow us all on our walk through or drive past Joyce Archdekin Park in Brampton. 

It might not feel like spring with the bouts of snow, freezing rain, and cold, but the weather is getting warmer and it’s true - cherry blossoms could bloom pretty soon in Brampton.

According to the Sakura in High Park blog, Japanese cherry blossoms are set to bloom sometime in early May this year. The blog says that the blossoms did indeed survive the ice storm.

The blog reads that while winter weather has slowed the progress of the blooms, some buds are showing signs of next stage development - some buds are showing green tips!

This year’s bloom is comparable to 2016’s bloom, reads the blog.

The differences include the buds are in a much healthier state, the weather has been consistently cold which only slowed down development instead of throwing if off track, and the current forecast weather shows a gradual warming over the coming weeks.”

According to The Weather Network, there is indeed a warming trend in the works. By the end of April, we should be consistently in the double digits.

In 2017, the cherry blossoms bloomed in late April, attracting many visitors from Brampton and surrounding cities, and they’re sure to do the same this year.

Located in the area of Main St. and Elgin Dr., you can catch Brampton’s blooms at Joyce Archdekin Park. 

So keep your eyes peeled in early May!

Photo courtesy of the City of Brampton

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