Brampton's Most Wanted: Man Connected with Massive Television Theft


Although most offenders in Brampton are caught, some wanted people manage to slip under the radar and elude arrest. For that reason, Peel police keep a list of fugitives that are still wanted months—and sometimes years—after committing crimes in the city.

For some time now, police have been asking people for help locating Sukhvir Singh, a 35 or 36-year-old Brampton man wanted in connection with a massive television theft.

On Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012, police say the suspect entered the trucking yard at 265 Rutherford Road and stole a trailer containing 210 Samsung TVs with a value of approximately $200,000.

The empty trailer was located in the city of Vaughan later on that day.

On Nov. 10, the entire load of television was located in a warehouse at 69 Westmore Drive in Toronto,

According to the Peel police fugitive list, Singh is still outstanding.

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