Brampton's New Gourmet Pretzel Shop is Now Open


Salty, twisted, sweet, and covered in chocolate pretzels - Brampton just got a new pretzel shop, the only shop of its kind in our city.

If you went to Hometown Hockey in Garden Square over the weekend, you might have already snagged a pretzel!

DasBrezelHaus officially opened its doors - after much anticipation - in McArter Lane in downtown Brampton on Friday March 9, 2018.

This very unique new shop boasts some very unique flavours, with five main kinds of pretzels.

What kinds of pretzels can you expect to find at DasBrezelHaus?

Well, according to their website, the fresh, gourmet, handmade pretzel maker is twisting up these pretzels: 

  • Signature - a traditional German pretzel available salted or unsalted
  • Philly Soft Style - a pretzel with rock salt available in plain, salted, buttered, or cinnamon sugar
  • Boston Dipped - a pretzel dipped in milk chocolate 
  • Boston Dipped with Slivered Almonds - a pretzel dipped in milk chocolate and covered in almond slivers for a very decadent pretzel 
  • Birthday - if it’s your birthday or you just love chocolate and sprinkles, this pretzel is dipped in milk chocolate or white chocolate and covered in sprinkles 

They also have custom flavour options available.

DasBrezelHaus really loves pretzels. They say that their “goal is to unleash the full potential of this delicious, fluffy treat,” on their website.

Seriously, look at all of those pretzels - yum!

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