Brampton's New Virtual Reality Pop-up Opens this Weekend


Take a seat and be transported to a whole new world - Brampton’s virtual reality pop-up experience is finally here.

VREscapes has officially opened state-of-the-art virtual reality simulators at Bramalea City Centre (BCC), right in front of Sport Chek.

VREscapes offers over 90 different virtual reality simulations.

Making VR accessible to the masses is our mission,” says VREscapes.

The pop-up boutique includes experiences like “Strange Insects on Mars,” “The Evil Spirit Abyss,” and “The Eagle Roller Coaster.”

As for the quality of their experiences, VREscapes boasts 9-dimensional, full motion virtual reality through state-of-the-art virtual reality chair units.

The experience is fairly priced - VREscapes charges $10 per person for a 10-12 minute simulation, or $15 for two people.

Head to BCC this weekend and check it out!

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