Brampton's Parks and Cycling Routes are Getting a Big Funding Boost


More funding is always good news when it comes to public projects that will serve the city’s residents.

At a city council meeting on February 6, council approved putting $1.25 million in funding towards Brampton’s parks and cycling routes.

The money comes from the $25 million budget surplus that the city posted in 2018, according to the February 6 city council agenda.

The new funding accounts for approximately 5% of the surplus.

According to the report, council passed a motion calling for “the immediate establishment of a Parks Enhancement Project Budget to improve City parks with a budget of $1.250 Million, with staff requested to report back to Council by April 1, 2019 on an implementation plan for the Parks Enhancement Strategy to support aging communities.”

As for cyclists, a Project Budget was established to begin implementing an active transportation plan with North-South and East-West cycling routes.

The city wants to support cycling as a sustainable means of transportation, saying it will lead to better health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, less traffic congestion, reduced road infrastructure costs, and a reduced negative impact on the environment.

It also wants to support the growing cycling community that exists in Brampton.

"Brampton is witnessing rapid growth, and it is our responsibility to deliver a Budget that plans adequately for growth demands while maximizing value to taxpayers,” said Mayor Patrick Brown in a statement on February 26.

The City's portion of the proposed net budget increase is the lowest in almost 20 years, but still manages to offer an expanded suite of services, programs and amenities.”

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Are you excited for this new funding, Brampton?

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