Brand New App Offers Access to Amazing Restaurant Deals in Brampton

It’s no secret that the digitization of the world has fundamentally changed the way we eat, simply because we have more information about incredible restaurants—and their delicious offerings—at the tips of our fingers than ever before.

But while we all know that we can easily have our favourite dishes delivered to us at almost any time, not everyone realizes that they can download a new app that will inform them of all the great deals and promotions on offer at local restos.

Enter Instaeats, a brand new app that restaurant owners can use to advertise their specials and promotions and restaurant lovers can use to find out how to dine on a budget.

Local restaurants can run ongoing offers and at the moment (ATM) deals through it to customers nearby,” explains Ahmed Murray, Instaeats co-founder. “Users can open up the app and be notified when their restaurant is running a live deal.”

The app is unique in the sense that it helps both regular diners and restaurateurs by connecting operators with customers.

The app, which is focused on Mississauga and the GTA, officially launched for restaurateurs in March and is now available for the public to download.

It’s the first app of its kind in Canada and it can connect hungry customers with unique and one-of-a-kind restaurant promotions and deals all across the country.

InstaEats can work throughout Canada, even far beyond Canada. Initially, our focus is on GTA,” says Murray.

Murray says more and more restaurateurs are taking notice and joining the app. Over the next few weeks, he expects that diners in Mississauga will be able to seek out deals from up to 20 local restaurants.

And while the app hasn’t launched to the public yet, he says that test audiences have been pleased with the experience.

From the testing users, we do have a very good response. We are also getting good feedback from restaurants.”

So, how can restaurant owners get their promotions on the app?

Restaurants can seamlessly get onboard with us via the app or website by visiting InstaEats for restaurant owners.”

Instaeats is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

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