Brand New Cafe Taking Unique Approach to Opening in Brampton


In a Brampton where opening a new cafe or restaurant could run a business owner into the ground in loans, one new cafe is taking quite the unique approach to obtaining the funds to open in Brampton.

Last week, we reported that the entrepreneur behind Samson’s Daughter Cafe is using crowdfunding to raise money to open in Brampton. 

Currently skimming the top of a $20,000 target on GoFundMe, it’s a fundraiser for a cafe that was started by Bramptonian Sanah Ahsan at the end of April 2018.

The donations to the campaign will go towards helping us secure a location in the downtown core (which will be very soon), furnish the cafe and obtain equipment and signage,” Ahsan told

Having been a barista for four years, Ahsan says that’s what sparked her love for making coffee, gearing her towards the fundraising project to open her own cafe.

We understand that the $20,000 goal is not a lot considering the cost of opening and running a business in this city, but we think that $20,000 from local residents would be a really great - and realistic - starting point for us.”

The campaign offers rewards to donors.

Our GoFundMe campaign has been set up as a means to obtain funding from local residents, in exchange for rewards such as free coffee, social media shoutouts and invites to our private opening day party.”

Ahsan says the crowdfunding effort is not the only means by which she’s gathering the funds to open the new cafe.

Other ways in which we are actively financing is through investors, sales of some of our menu items which we’ll update on our GoFundMe page, and institutional financing.”

You can expect some scrumptious items on the menu that are unique to this cafe in Brampton when it opens.

Our menu will feature brunch items such as, the beloved avocado toast of course, jalapeno-bacon waffles, shakshukas, vegan nourish bowls, dutch baby pancakes and a few brunch items inspired by my Pakistani heritage,” said Ahsan.

We’ll also have plenty of homemade cookies, brownies, croissants and more.”

According to Ahsan, her cafe is something a lot of Bramptonians might love.

We believe there are many Brampton residents looking for a new cafe like this and we really want to reach those people who are looking for something different and something genuinely worth visiting multiple times, and Samson’s Daughter will be that place,” she said.

You might be wondering - where does the new cafe plan to set up shop?

While an exact location is unable to be confirmed at this time, Ahsan did say she plans to open Samson’s Daughter Cafe somewhere in downtown Brampton.

The location of downtown Brampton was selected for this venture as it is the main location for many local events, close to a transit terminal, nearby to city offices and is a more beautiful, historic and calm area of the city,” Ahsan told

There’s something about waking up a little earlier to make something seriously delicious and enjoying that with a good, strong coffee and I want to share that feeling with my fellow Brampton locals.”

As for when you can expect the new cafe to join the downtown Brampton scene, you might not have to wait very long. 

Ahsan aims to open the cafe prior to all of the construction coming to the downtown core.

Construction is expected to start as soon as fall 2018 on sanitary and watermain upgrades, and in 2019 on the new streetscape project.

We understand there are risks associated with the changes to come in downtown Brampton, which may affect our sales,” said Ahsan.

However, we genuinely believe that opening our cafe prior to the start of construction will allow us to build traction in the downtown core and grow our loyal customer base, who we believe will continue to visit the cafe throughout construction.”

We are confident that our products and services will drive traffic and allow us to build a steady stream of revenue of which will help us to fund our own cafe improvements and upgrades.”

According to Ahsan, the cafe also aims to act as a space for networking events, workshops, and even art showcases, gearing it all towards millennials.

And there’s an interesting reason behind the name for the cafe.

"The cafe will be owned and operated by Sanah Ahsan, the youngest daughter out of three of the late Samson Ahsan, who had tragically passed away when she was very young of age," reads the GoFundMe page.

"Samson was a warm and welcoming soul, friendly to everyone in the community and a true entertainer and generous host. This is what the cafe will be. A warm and welcoming space with good vibes and the best food, just like Samson's home. Let our cafe be like your second home!"

As of May 23, the campaign has raised $900 of $20,000.

You can check out the campaign here.

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