Brand New Ice Cream Creation Launches in Brampton


With summer around the corner and unicorn frappuccinos behind us, the next trend in summer snacks has arrived.

Dipsidoo Dessert Bar at Bramalea City Centre has introduced cloud cones!

Cloud cones are a new kind ice cream at Dipsidoo with frozen yogurt soft serve, a hand-rolled waffle cone, and cotton candy.

The soft serve is swirled into the waffle cone, topped with sauces, fruit, sprinkles, or even cookie crumbs, and wrapped in tufts of cotton candy, which is where the treat gets its “cloud” name from.

Photo courtesy of @dipsidoo_dessert_bar on Instagram

While the snack might get messy to eat, it’s definitely something unique that Bramptonians will want to try this summer, perhaps with a walk over to Chinguacousy Park.

Would you try the cloud cone?

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