Brand New Independent Cafe Set to Open in Brampton Soon


Since Coffee Culture and House of Cards closed, it’s true that downtown Brampton has been lacking independent cafe options. Now, a brand new cafe is set to fill the gap and open in its doors near the four corners in Brampton soon!

Steaming Cups Cafe will open in the heart of downtown Brampton soon, at 6 George Street near Brampton City Hall, right beside Fruision.

What will the new cafe serve, you ask? 

Well, Steaming Cups plans to have freshly brewed coffee (a staple, of course) and speciality teas, sandwiches, and fresh bakery products, including scones and cookies made in-house. 

According to the indie cafe’s Facebook page, it also aims to have an incredible vanilla latte!

Though there is no official opening date just yet, owners say that the cafe should be open in about two weeks, close to Christmas.

We’ll keep you updated on the details.

Happy sipping (soon), Brampton!

Steaming Cups Cafe
6 George Street

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