Brand New Indie Gym Opens in Brampton


If you’re looking to get fit, there’s a brand new and unique gym that just opened up in Brampton, and you might want to try it!

It’s true that there are several big box gyms in Brampton, from LA Fitness, to Goodlife, and more. 

Now, an independent gym called Heart & Hustle Fitness has opened on Main Street across the street from Joyce Archdekin Park. 

What does it offer? 

There are three main programs at Heart & Hustle - a unique program for all fitness levels called Hustle, alongside a CrossFit class and a Mobility/Stability class. 

According to a recent release from the gym, it highlights functional fitness, which is basically warming up your muscles for common, daily movements you might make at home, at work, or playing sports. 

Heart & Hustle officially opened in May 2018 under owners Brandon Evans and Ashley Wilton. 

"Our passion for health and fitness, meshed with our belief in the power of community led us to open Heart and Hustle Fitness. We want to provide a safe, diverse and inclusive space to grow a community of likeminded people. A space where we can all be challenged, be our best selves and build lifelong friendships," said Brandon Evans in the statement.

As for membership pricing, prices range from $120 to $180 monthly depending on which programs you’re signing up for.

You can also get a free trial at this gym to see if it’s right for you.

There’s an open house happening on June 23 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. where you can scope out classes.

Heart & Hustle Fitness
160 Main St. South, Unit #0165

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