Brand New Restaurant and Bar Slated to Open Next Month in Brampton


Exciting news, Brampton! A new Mexican restaurant and bar is set to open in downtown Brampton, and more details have emerged as to when it will open and what it will carry. 

Pos Bueno Mexican Restaurant & Bar is setting up shop at 53 George Street South, on the same strip as popular restaurants Vesuvio’s and Sul Irmaos. 

According to their Facebook page, Pos Bueno is now scheduled to open in September.

Earlier this summer, we reported that the resto bar was coming soon, but details on how soon, what the menu would have on it, and even the name of the restaurant itself were yet to be revealed.

The guesswork is over - restaurant owners say that Pos Bueno will being the “real taste of Mexico” to downtown Brampton.

Here are some menu items that have been revealed:

  • Torta de bistec - a type of Mexican sandwich filled with meat (steak) and veggies
  • Pozole - a traditional meat stew, usually garnished with items such as shredded cabbage and salsa
  • Sopes - an antojito with a tortilla-like base, topped with beans, cheese, lettuce, onions, salsa, and sour cream (featured in our cover photo, courtesy of Pos Bueno on Facebook!)
  • Carnitas - braised or simmered pork
  • Enfrijoladas - a dish made from corn tortillas, beans, and cheese
  • Birria - a spicy stew made with mutton or beef

As a resto bar, traditional Mexican food is not all this place will have. The bar will likely be fully stocked with staples like tequila and beer (after work drinks, anyone?).

Fun fact: Pos Buenos has actually been around since 2003, and it started in Aguascalientes, Mexico. 

Stay tuned to for more details!

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