Beloved Brampton Bistro Closed Until Further Notice


There seems to be a vibrancy these days when it comes to activity in downtown Brampton. Places are opening up as quickly as some are shutting down or moving elsewhere within the city; the nature of the beast that is the free market.

One such place is Carve On Lot 5 in downtown Brampton, which boasted a popular rooftop patio and a hefty menu that included seafood chowder, calamari, sauteed shrimp and Carve’s famous Nachos.

But sadly, the restaurant announced recently that they will be closed (at least, for the time being) via this Facebook post.

We have been presented with a new opportunity that we have decided to take and therefore, we will be closed for at least the month of January. This is not to say that we do not love serving you all because we really do. Life has a funny way of bringing about situations that present themselves that you simply cannot pass up - this is one of them,” the post said.

Carve on Lot 5, named for the designation on the plot of land they were situated on (Lot 5), first opened its doors in 2016.

While there are bright spots that open up, it seems Brampton is having trouble hanging onto good restos and other food establishments lately. The Golden Stool, also once in downtown Brampton and carried a very unique Afro-Carribbean menu, also had to close their downtown location in favour of a new location to be determined.

Mayor Patrick Brown has been touting a priority in bringing business and jobs back into the city. Unfortunately, developments like this doesn’t help that case very much, at least in downtown Brampton.

Here’s hoping this is not the end of Carve On Lot 5…or some other bistro type establishment for this area of the city.

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