BREAKING: Brampton’s Big Blue Monster House Set to be Demolished


After years of legal wrangling, Brampton's notorious "Big Blue Monster" house is going to be demolished, according to Paul Vicente of Stand UP for Brampton.

Earlier today, Vicente took to Stand UP for Brampton's Facebook page to reveal that the owner of the house, Ahmed Elbasiouni, volunteered to demolish the exceedingly controversial (some would say unsightly) 443 Centre Street property.

According to an agreement reached today in court, Elbasiouni must demolish the house in its entirety within 120 days. If he fails to do, the city will have it demolished at his expense.

Should Elbasiouni wish to construct any other building going forward, he must obtain a building permit.

The house, a 6,600 square foot half-finished home, has been controversial since it was first revealed, both for its height and size. As most people know, the eye-catching (to say the least) house stands out because it's surrounded by much smaller bungalows and more understated homes.

It has stood partially completed since the city revoked its building permits—permits it claims were issued in error.

The home has been a huge source of dispute between Elbasiouni and the City of Brampton for four years.

As for a little history, Elbasiouni was granted a building permit in 2012 to redevelop the property, and after some advancement in construction, was ordered by the city to tear it down, bring the building into compliance with zoning bylaws, or get approval from the committee of adjustments.

At the end of April 2017, the city filed an application with the Superior Court, asking for an order that the unfinished house be demolished.

Now, it looks like the house is coming down sooner rather than later.

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