The Province has announced it will be allowing all commercial landlords to apply for rental assistance for their small-business-owning tenants.
Typically, when you walk into Just Train It Boxing/Just Nutrition (JTI) studio in Oakville, you are greeted with the sound of boxers hitting a heavy bag.
As certain cities across the province have begun to loosen certain restrictions, many people are feeling confusion and stress as a result.
TORONTO -- Five families that built and grew media conglomerate Torstar Corp.
The company that owns Winners, Marshall’s and Home Sense announced recently that starting Wednesday (May 27) some locations across Canada will be reopening.
In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many companies have had to layoff employees, and many Canadians are out of work. 
TORONTO -- If you were hoping to get out of putting on a face mask to visit stores and other businesses demanding customers wear one, think again.
Car rental company Hertz is filing for bankruptcy, citing the sudden and dramatic impact of COVID-19 on travel demand.
Now that the number of COVID-19 cases have been declining, many Provinces have begun to reopen certain businesses.
Having the Provincial Government control when businesses and schools in cities throughout all of Ontario can open and close at the same time may not be the best response to the pandemic.