Whether or not you’ll admit it, Brampton is a cool place to live.
As if Google wasn’t already watching us!
As Canada’s ninth largest city, and one that’s constantly growing, it’s no surprise that a ton of construction is headed Brampton’s way to keep up with all of the major upgrades that are happening
Are you looking for a new career or simply hoping to affirm that your job choice is the best one?
Brampton is a hotspot for major investments, innovations, and talent. Now, the Toronto Pearson’s airport authority is investing a whopping $100,000 in Brampton’s startup community.
Brampton’s new university has stirred up a lot of emotions in our city, from excitement, to uncertainty, and beyond.
For a number of years, Brampton has maintained a number of sister city or friendship agreements with other municipalities around the world, but lately there has been some criticism of the whole con
Are you looking for a new job in Brampton, or even just wondering if your company is one of the best out there?
If you’re an entrepreneur in Brampton, you have an idea for a new business, or you’re just looking to get inspired, you’re in luck - a huge entrepreneurial event is coming to Brampton very soon, an
One of the latest developing trends in both Mississauga and Brampton is the emergence of the startup community in Peel Region.