Canada Issues Travel Advisory for Brazil as Amazon Forest Fire Continues


Canadians planning to travel to Brazil may want to postpone their visit until further notice.

The Canadian government has recently issued a travel advisory for Brazil, stating that visitors to the South American country should exercise a high degree of caution.

The advisory cites the ongoing Amazon rainforest fires as a safety hazard under “Natural disasters and climate.”

Severe wildfires are affecting the Amazon rainforest. Local authorities have declared a state of emergency in the state of Amazonas,” the advisory reports.

Air quality is affected in various regions throughout the country, including in Sao Paulo. This may have an impact on people suffering from respiratory ailments.”

Aside from the fire, the advisory also continues to suggest that travellers should exercise caution in Brazil due to high crime rates and regular incidents of gang-related and other violence in urban areas.

Residents who have travelled to Brazil are advised to exercise a high degree of caution at all times, monitor local media, and follow the instructions of local authorities.

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