CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Brampton Man Charged in Suspected Street Racing Crash


A Brampton man is facing a careless driving charge after a dramatic crash in North York this past weekend.

On Sunday August 5, 2018, around 2:30 a.m., Toronto police responded to a crash at Bartor and Clayson in North York.

Toronto police are currently seeking witnesses, the driver of the cab, and the person who recorded the crash. Police are requesting these people contact them immediately at 416-808-1900.

Police have charged a Brampton man in his 20s. They suspect it was a street racing crash.

A video of the crash went viral on Instagram @CarsWithoutLimits.

The video shows two cars speeding alongside each other. A taxi approaches and one car swerves and crashes into the barrier.

The video has well over 40,000 views as of Wednesday.

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