CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Confrontation at Brampton Dog Park


WARNING: Foul language contained in video

Brampton dog owner Jarrad is hoping to make the public aware of a man he had a confrontation with at the dog park.

Jarrad told that he was with his dog and six others in the small dog area of a dog park on Williams Parkway near the 410 around 5pm on Monday.

According to Jarrad, a man came up to the fence wanting to bring his bigger dog into the area. He was asked not to come in with a larger dog for the safety of the other smaller dogs, and instead go to the big dog area just behind him.

This was our second time (two days in a row) being there,” Jarrad said. “Our two small dogs were both attacked by a bigger dog just 15 minutes prior to this event, who should also not have been in the small dog area.”

Despite this being the rules of the park, Jarrad alleges the individual became upset and a confrontation ensued. A video was recorded of the argument were the man continues to curse and yell at Jarrad.

Video (1) from insauga on Vimeo.

The video cuts out partway through.

Jarrad also claims that the man eventually became physical after the video ended trying to force him out of the way. After he was unsuccessful he left to the large dog area. The police were alerted and arrived quickly to the scene but the man had already left the area.

My concern is that he had no regards for safety of the animals or people, including myself,” Jarrad said. “Had I been a smaller man or woman he would have overpowered me. His face should be out there as a warning to all community members at the dog park.”

Dog parks sometimes have separate areas for different sized dogs, as sometimes it may be safer for smaller dogs. When specified, owners should not bring bigger dogs into these areas for the safety of others.

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