CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Time-lapse Video of the Big Pour at Ching Park


Starting at 11 pm, the 'big pour at Ching Park' saw 3 million pounds of concrete poured continuously by 57 people using three pump trucks, nine power trowels and 58 truckloads of concrete. The 'pour', which was expected to take 24 hours, was completed in only nine hours as more workers were called in to take advantage of the weather conditions.

The skating rink is planned to be open by mid December. 

Here are some cool facts of the big pour:

  • 9 hours of continuous pouring
  • 60 people involved; including 45 workers, 12 truck drivers, and 3 project engineers
  • 58 truckloads of concrete
  • 3 million pounds of concrete; including skating trail and surrounding curb
  • Two 65 m pump trucks (this is the biggest truck used in Canada for construction, next to the 101 m truck used for mega projects such as dams)
  • One 45 m pump truck
  • 9 power trowels used simultaneously to 'smooth' the concrete during the pour

Winter Rendering:

Summer Rendering

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