Celebrity Chef Opens Brand New Restaurant in Brampton


Brampton has a thriving and growing food scene that's about to get a little more exciting.

Acclaimed toque Ranveer Brar, an executive chef and judge on MasterChef India, just opened Mayura by Chef Ranveer Brar, his first five-star restaurant in Brampton.

Brar, who is actually India's youngest executive chef, has already opened over 20 restaurants worldwide, including the well-known Banq Restaurant in Boston. Since Brar has more than earned his stripes in kitchens around the world, it's exciting to see him set up shop in a diverse GTA city with an evolving restaurant scene.

"I am excited about bringing the taste of authentic Indian fine dining to Brampton," says Brar. "With each of my restaurants, I try to take into consideration the culture and surroundings of the location. So, in preparation for opening Mayura, we've been creating and testing unique recipes that will build a menu full of variety that excites the taste buds of our diners."

Beyond being a prolific chef, Brar hosts multiple Indian TV shows, including Breakfast Xpress, Snack Attack, Homemade, The Great Indian Rasoi, Health Bhi Taste Bhi, Ranveer’s Cafe, Food Tripping and Thank God It’s Fryday.

Mayura is currently enjoying a soft launch (which kicked off on March 4) and resto operators are inviting the community to weigh in on the dishes. Mayura will continue creating and testing unique recipes today and residents who are interested in participating and providing feedback to Mayura can help finalize the restaurant's menu, which will be officially launched at the end of March.

To register, you can contact John Malek, General Manager, at 905-450-6161 or at john [dot] malek [at] mayura [dot] ca.

"Our focus is on providing our guests with the best experience possible," says Bhupinder Sidhu, one of the Canadian partners in Mayura by Chef Ranveer Brar. "At our premium location, we have five-star ambiance and a menu that includes both traditional Indian and fusion fare. Further defining the dining experience for our customers, we'll adapt the menu to feature specially created recipes to celebrate traditional Indian festivals."

Speaking of Indian festivals, Mayura will celebrate the Holi Festival—known as the festival of colours—with a special menu on Sunday, March 12.

"Holi is a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil and the arrival of spring," says Sidhu. "It's all about partying and enjoyment. So really, it's the perfect festival to celebrate during the opening week of a new restaurant."

Mayura will be open for dinner only during the first week of operation (March 8 - 10) and will be open for both lunch and dinner from March 11 onward. Reservations are not required, but calling ahead or booking online is recommended.

200 County Court Blvd.
Brampton, Ontario

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