Celebrity Chef's Brand New Restaurant Set to Open Soon in Brampton


A popular celebrity chef who hails from Brampton, and has already set up one restaurant here, is behind a brand new, unique snack bar that’s taking shape in the downtown core.

Well-known Brampton chef Jason Rosso - the brains behind the trendy and modern J. Red & Co - is set to open J. Red’s Fresh Express inside Nom Nom’s Yogurt Bar + Cafe on Queen St. in the city’s downtown core.

Not to worry - Nom Nom’s isn’t going anywhere! However, the shop is currently closed for renovations, set to re-open by mid-October. 

Rosso’s new salad bar-style resto will run in conjunction Nom Nom’s, and feature a ton of salad topping and unique ingredients.

So, what can we expect from the new snack bar?

We’ll have really fun snacks,” said Rosso. “It’s going to be primarily lunch-oriented, all fresh products. The primary business will be a custom-built salad bar with a salad artist and fresh, unique ingredients. We’ll have really cool health-focused fruits, different nuts and cool protein options. We’re known for our grab and go snacks too, [so there could be] mac ‘n’ cheese spring rolls and a really cool organic hotdog pogo with a hot Canadian mustard.”

Rosso says patrons can expect unique twists on eclectic ingredients and that diners will be able to try some interesting protein options, including agedashi-style tofu or Indonesian-style beef satays. The resto could also offer Mexican-style chicken, pulled pork and beef brisket.

This is all exciting enough - but Rosso has yet another resto up his sleeve that’s going to hit the downtown core sometime in the future. 

The second restaurant, which also be coming to the downtown core (although the final location has yet to be announced), will be called Rocco’s Pizzeria and Sangwich (although Rosso says this is something of a working title).

Rocco’s is grab and go totally,” says Rosso. “It’s a New York-style gritty pizza joint with twist.”

Rocco’s will offer 12 inch, personal size pizzas with myriad toppings.

Stay tuned to inbrampton.com for new opening details as they emerge!

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