Changes Coming to Many Brampton Transit Routes


Love it or hate it, you've got to admit that Brampton Transit has gradually been stepping up its game. Christmas is around the corner and it’s the tail end of back-to-school season, and with that, October service improvements are set to hit Brampton Transit next week!

A grand total of 14 routes - both new and old - will have trips added and service upgrades come Monday, October 30, 2017. 

Here are some of the changes coming to Brampton Transit this fall:

If you’re an early bird who travels down Steeles, you’ll be excited to heard that the 511/511A/511C Zum Steeles is adding a 6:18 a.m. eastbound trip to weekday service from Lisgar GO.

Weekday, Saturday, and Sunday schedules are being adjusted (more service is being added) to improve service on the 2 Main, the 3/3A McLaughlin, and the 4A.

The brand new 104 Chinguacousy Express will have two new early trips at 6:23 a.m. and 6:43 a.m. during weekday service from Mount Pleasant GO.

One route will be extended along James Potter Road into Mount Pleasant Village - the 6 James Potter.

Further changes are coming to the following routes: the 5/5A Bovaird, the 18 Dixie, the 29/29A Williams Parkway, the 30 Airport Road, the 31 McVean, the 36 Gardenbrooke, the 50 Gore Road, and the 92 Bramalea GO

If any of these routes changes affect you and you want to know more, or you’re just a Brampton Transit fan, click here

Happy commuting, Brampton!

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