City Council approves plan for Brampton’s last undeveloped area


Brampton City Council has endorsed the concept plan for Brampton's last undeveloped area: Heritage Heights.

The area represents 6.25 per cent of the City's area, and spans 4,000 km and stretches from Mayfield Road to the Credit River valley, and from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Mississauga Road.

The plan was highlighted in the Brampton 2040 Vision as the proposed location for a new Town Centre--a complete, full-service, mixed-use place with work and housing options.

Additionally, the concept plan reflects best practices for creating a community where future residents and employers can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and a high quality of life. It is based on extensive community engagement, and sets the framework for a sustainable, livable, vibrant, and healthy place to live, work, learn and play.

Further, the plan will afford the city with substantial housing and job growth opportunities. Housing options will have convenient access to higher-order transit, including a proposed GO station and a connected network of trails and open spaces.

Moreover, central to the plan is the north/south urban motorway, including a dedicated truck-only lane, in place of the proposed GTA West Transportation Corridor through Heritage Heights.

"Creating complete, sustainable and connected communities that allow residents to maintain a high quality of life is a priority for City Council and is essential in helping us achieve our Brampton 2040 Vision," Mayor Patrick Brown said in a news release.

"As Brampton's last undeveloped area, Heritage Heights is an exciting opportunity to make it right from the start. I am confident that this concept plan will do just that, bringing jobs, affordable housing and the opportunity to live, work, learn and play in Northwest Brampton," he continued.

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