City Council Endorses Parks and Recreation Master Plan


As Brampton prepares to make major improvements on the quality of life across the city, we’re one step closer to having better parks and recreation.

Brampton City Council has officially endorsed the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP), a 15 year plan to to improve parks and rec facilities as our population grows.

According to the city, the endorsed plan includes:

  • Construction of a multi-use community centre in Brampton West (west of Mississauga Road and north of Steeles),
  • Development of a seniors' centre to service Brampton East,
  • Strategically optimizing the City's older and smaller community centres through redesign and redevelopment,
  • Adding more than 240 hectares of new parkland to the City's inventory, guided by a Parkland Acquisition Strategy,
  • Developing a prioritized list of parks for redeveloped through a Parkland Renewal Plan, and
  • Constructing a minimum of nine new rectangular grass fields, one new artificial turf field, and three new cricket pitches.

The full plan can be found here.

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