City of Brampton requests transit operators be added to COVID-19 priority testing list


At an April 15 conference, Mayor Patrick Brown further discussed the importance of physical distancing and provided an update regarding Brampton Transit amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Brampton Transit has taken measures to protect the health and safety of passengers and operators, Brown discussed the importance of taking further steps in that direction.

This includes the City’s request to the province of Ontario that transit operators be added to the COVID-19 priority testing list.

We continue to be concerned about the safety of transit operators,” said Brown, adding that the City of Brampton has had four transit operators test positive for COVID-19. 

Acknowledging that the priority list has become “quite exhausted,” Brown went on to say that after hearing concerns of the city’s own transit operators, they felt compelled to write to the province with this request.

These are unsung heroes. They are helping essential workers get to work,” he said.

Amid the outbreak, the City of Brampton has implemented safety measures such as rear-entrance boarding and half-capacity busses to support physical distancing practices.

Additionally, an enhanced cleaning and sanitizing schedule remains in effect amid the COVID-19 outbreak and Brampton Transit's goal is to disinfect all hard surfaces, operator compartments and seats every 48 hours.

Currently, buses are sanitized every 24 hours, while facilities and terminals that have hard surfaces are wiped down and sanitized on a daily basis.

Riders are encouraged to carry their own personal disinfectant when travelling, such as hand sanitizers and are reminded to wash their hands often.

The City of Brampton is working closely with its partners at Peel Public Health and the Brampton Emergency Management Office to continue to monitor risks.

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