City Seeks Public Feedback on What Brampton Should Look Like in the Future


The phrase “a future-ready Brampton” has been around for some time now in reference to the city’s many development projects. Brampton is the second fastest growing and ninth largest city in Canada, and now, the city is asking residents to think bigger. In fact, the city has launched a campaign for residents’ ideas on what they want Brampton to look like in five years, 10 years, 25 years, and even beyond that.

Future Ready Brampton” is the city’s brand new public engagement campaign where you can share your ideas on what you think Brampton should look like in the future.

It’s true that the city has many plans already in the works - health partnerships, the new university, and the riverwalk, to name a few - to create a better Brampton.

Now, the city’s goal is to create a vision to “set Brampton apart from other suburban cities and to position it as a hub for jobs and innovation, a sustainable future city, and one that people are proud to call home.”

The new vision will be presented in spring 2018. The city has confirmed that the vision will reflect ideas from Brampton residents and businesses.

So, what exactly do you need to do to contribute?

You can register online and share your ideas by pinning them on a map of Brampton (ie. if you want to see a new festival at Chinguacousy Park, you would “map” your idea by pinning and commenting on the interactive map), simply commenting with a new idea, or even sharing photos and videos.

The platform is an engaging way to get people across Brampton involved in its development - more specifically, based on what they love, want to improve, and wish we had in the city.

Several residents have already engaged with the new site - an abundance of comments have popped up in its short time on the interwebs. 

For instance, on the map feature, one resident suggested more festivals at Eldorado Park, another suggested more bike lanes around Main and Queen, a few suggested a cap on housing developments like condos and townhouses, and much more. 

If you don’t have many ideas, you can even vote on what others have suggested using the “your idea” feature, where you can either comment with an idea you have, or endorse an idea someone else has suggested. 

Ultimately, whether you choose to post a photo, a video, a comment, or a pin on the map, all of the ideas given will be taken into consideration for developing a vision for Brampton’s future.

You’ll want to get your ideas in soon - the city is accepting suggestions through this platform until October 31. Street teams will also be at specific Brampton events for you to provide feedback on the city’s future.

To create a profile and start contributing, click here.

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