City to Invest More Than $1.5 Million into Brampton Organizations


Brampton will be investing into the community again this year via the city’s 2019 Community Grant Program.

City council recently approved 90 applications for funding from community-based organizations — a sharp increase from 2018, when only 34 projects and programs received grants.

The numerous organizations that will receive funding from the city include sports organizations, religious organizations, groups focused on music, arts and culture, and more.

The total funding value of the approved grants is $1,530,752.79, which is greater than the base operating budget of $967,000,” the city said in a recent statement.

Additional funds will be drawn from the Community Grants Surplus Reserve.”

Overall, a total of 106 grant proposals were received during the intake period of December 13, 2018 to January 31, 2019, representing a 74% increase in applications submitted over last year.

According to the city, the purpose of the Community Grant Program is to “provide eligible organizations with support to achieve their event or program objectives, build organizational capacity, and contribute to community building and the cultural fabric of Brampton.”

There is also a funding category for Neighbourhood Initiatives, which will continue to accept applications every month until the end of the year (or until all funds have been awarded).

All applicants will be contacted regarding the status of their proposal. The city will also conduct a review of the Community Grant Program, with feedback from this year's applicants, to determine how the program can better serve the community in the future.

"Brampton has such a diverse range of community organizations doing important work to improve all aspects of life in our city,” said Mayor Patrick Brown.

Through the Community Grant Program, we are very pleased to support these organizations, create partnerships and contribute to the cultural mosaic in Brampton.”

For more information on the program and the organizations that will be receiving grants, visit

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