CLOSURE: Peel Restaurant Closed After Failing Health Inspection


If you regularly dine in the Malton area near Brampton, there’s a restaurant closure you might want to take note of. 

Peel Region has closed down a Mississauga restaurant that’s very close to Brampton following a health inspection that failed to pass muster.

Asian Sweets and Restaurant, located on 7148 Airport Road, was inspected and closed on Thursday, March 2, 2017.

Peel Public Health maintains that the restaurant did not properly store food to prevent contamination and did not provide adequate protection against pests, posing critical safety risks.

Other reasons for the closure include improperly washed/sanitized utensils, poor housekeeping practices, and lack of a valid food handler certification.

The restaurant passed two previous inspections on Aug 10, 2016 and Nov. 21, 2016. However, both previous inspections revealed some unsanitary conditions, inadequate pest protection and issues with foods being stored at incorrect temperatures.

The restaurant is currently still closed.

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