CLOSURE: Popular Seafood Chain Restaurant Closed in Brampton (Now Reopened)


A popular restaurant in Brampton is closed after failing to pass a routine health inspection.

On Thursday, Feb. 15, Peel Health inspected and closed down the Red Lobster located on 368 Queen Street East.

The initial inspection took place on Feb. 14. The location was given a conditional pass due to several health hazards, including inadequate protection against pests, improperly storing food to prevent contamination, and improperly washing/sanitizing utensils.

The restaurant was re-inspected and closed the following day.

We’ll update with any further news on this restaurant's status.

For more info on all health inspections in Peel, click here.

UPDATEThe restaurant has reopened after passing re-inspection on Friday, Feb. 16. 

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