Complete Challenges and Learn About Public Workers This Week in Brampton


It is National Public Works Week and the city of Brampton is giving residents a chance to see just how the Public Works and Engineering Department keeps the city running smoothly.

The department handles all kinds of services throughout the year for the city including road construction, snow removal, traffic signals, crossing guards, park maintenance and public playgrounds.

National Public Works Week runs from May 21 to 24 and recognizes the hard work and dedication of public working professionals that work tirelessly for the city.

Brampton will celebrate with the awareness of how public works services affect the community every day, with a number of fun and engaging activities available to try throughout the week.

Celebrations started with an opening ceremony and flag raising on Tuesday, May 21, at 9 am in the Brampton City Hall Atrium and Ken Whillans Square.

Public works professionals play such an important role in our everyday lives," said Mayor Patrick Brown. "They create physical connections by building and maintaining roads, sidewalks and bridges, and they create social ones by bringing people together to plant trees, looking after our beautiful parks where people gather and play, and helping children cross busy streets to get to school. This annual event is a way for us to thank the people who work tirelessly to keep Brampton moving.”

Some events that are available include a loader challenge, a public open house and a staff bus pull challenge.

You can find all the events available throughout the week here.

Photos Courtesy of the City of Brampton

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