Country Festival Coming to Garden Square This Summer


Put on your cowboy hats and boots, because a huge country festival is set to hit Garden Square, complete with country music and line dancing!

You might know that Garden Square has hosted an event almost every day this summer, and it’ll continue to do so right up until our summer days are over. 

Now, as part of the Discover Canada program on Tuesdays, Garden Square is stepping - or, should I say stomping - up its game.

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017, from 7-10 p.m., Garden Square will host its third annual Stomp ‘N’ Stampede to celebrate our not-so-far (okay, two provinces over) neighbour, Alberta!

The event boasts an evening of free live entertainment - and, that’s right, it’s all country themed.

The lineup includes DJ Johnny Rivex playing country music, Brampton’s very own Double Trouble leading line dancing, and 2016 Next Country Music Star Winner Sacha headlining.

There will also be activities for kids, as well as washer toss games set up.

Clear your schedule and hope for good weather, Brampton!

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