Did You Know About Brampton's Electric Car Charging Stations?


If you drive an electric vehicle, you're all about sustainability, or you just keep up with all of the updates in Brampton, you'll be pleased to know about all of the electric car charging stations in our city - and those to come.

Brampton's 26 free electric car charging stations are located in seven parking lots across the city. Each station is marked with green paint and signs.

Here's where you can find car charging stations in Brampton:

  • City Hall parking garage (Level P2)

  • Rose Theatre Brampton parking garage (Level 2)

  • Flower City Community Campus (in front of Building 1)

  • Civic Centre (southwest corner of the building)

  • City Hall West Tower parking garage (Levels P1 and P2)

  • Sandalwood Transit Facility

  • Williams Parkway Operations Centre

And there's more - additional units are scheduled for installation at Springdale Library and Gore Meadows Community Centre and Library later this year.

According to the city, Brampton's goal is to provide the infrastructure to support electric vehicles in order to encourage more residents to adopt an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cars, and in turn lower their carbon footprint.

All of these parking spaces are reserved specifically for electric vehicles while charging.

The city also has plans for what it calls an exciting new addition to Brampton's electric car charging infrastructure, details for which will be announced later this month.

Stay tuned to inbrampton.com for details.

Cover photo courtesy of The City of Brampton

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