Is a New Pizzeria Coming to Downtown Brampton?


It looks like there may be another option for fans of Italian food in Brampton.

A quick stop by Main Street across from Brampton City Hall shows that a new restaurant is popping up, right next to Poutine Dare to be Fresh.Dubbed "Pizzanini", this place was designated one of Brampton's most anticipated restaurant openings for 2019 and for the longest time there was no name associated with this place other than a claim that it's going to be "the best panini and pizzeria in town"?

If you take a quick look around the vicinity of Main and Queen, there's quite a number of Italian restaurants in the area: Vesuvio Ristorante, Fanzorellis, La Capannina (whenever they reopen after that fire they had on their premises).

But these restaurants specialize in the wider gamut of Italian dining. If we are going to see a place dedicated to perfecting paninis and pizza then that opens up another avenue for people seeking a bite to eat in the heart of the city.

Are you excited for a pizzeria coming to downtown Brampton, or do you think there is a better spot for this incoming restaurant?

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