Donating Clothes in Brampton is About to Become a Lot Safer


Donating clothes is just one of the many ways to help those who may be less fortunate.

However, it sometimes is not always safe. 

The recent deaths of two individuals, in separate incidents, involving clothing bins has prompted The Kidney Foundation of Canada to modify its Kidney Clothes donation bins.

These deaths did not occur in Brampton. One, according to a CBC article, occurred in Toronto. The other death, according to another CBC article, occurred in Vancouver.

Although the bins did not belong to The Kidney Foundation of Canada, the charity is working to prevent similar tragedies from occurring.

"We have consulted with the manufacturer of our bins and are diligently working on modifying those bins to remove any mechanisms that could create a safety hazard from accidental misuse of the bins," reads a Kidney Clothes press release.

More warning labels are also being added to bins.

Kidney Clothes is continuing to work with its stakeholders, as well as the manufacturer of their bins, in order to ensure safety.

There is currently one Kidney Clothes donation bin in Brampton (25 Advance Blvd.).

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