Dr. Lawrence Loh calls on Brampton businesses and workplaces to have safety plans


At a conference last week, Dr. Lawrence Loh reported an increase in COVID-19 cases in the City of Brampton.

As of August 26, Peel Public Health had investigated 4,210 cases of COVID-19 in Brampton. Of these, 181 were active, 3,935 have been resolved and 94 cases have passed away.

"In the past week, it is becoming clear that my previous concerns are starting to come true," Loh said at the conference. "We are seeing a rise in cases -- though this is expected."

According to Dr. Loh, the seven-day moving average in Brampton and Peel is starting to trend upwards.

Peel Public Health also found that half of the region's new cases are aged between 21 and 50, and half of the new cases acquired COVID-19 from work, social gatherings, or travel.

"This reflects patterns that are being seen elsewhere in Canada, and even if it was expected, it is somewhat disappointing and concerning -- especially given everything that this city and this region had to overcome to bring COVID-19 under control."

At the conference, Dr. Loh emphasized the importance of understanding that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over and advised all businesses and workplaces to have a workplace safety plan.

Dr. Loh’s advice indicated that while businesses should have a safety plan in place, it is important that they adhere to it and ensure the precautions are properly followed to protect staff and visitors.

Loh concluded by urging residents to continue practicing social distancing and avoid travelling outside the country unless absolutely necessary -- if necessary, abide by the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine order upon returning.

The province of Ontario suggests starting safety plans by talking to workers and sharing the plan with all workplace parties upon completion.

This will help to ensure that workers and others understand how you plan to manage the risks of COVID-19.

It is also important to continue to follow provincial orders under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act as well as any local public health orders.

For more information on developing a COVID-19 workplace safety plan, click here.

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