Border Crossings - Workshop


Beaux-Arts Brampton

70-74 Main Street North
Brampton, Ontario

Border Crossings is an interactive community engagement lab, in which visitors are invited to share their stories and experiences with crossing borders-physical and metaphorical; geographical, linguistic, spiritual and personal. Animated by activity stations, workshops, and community-built installations, Border Crossings is a space for forging connections and sharing experiences across the diverse communities that make up Mississauga. Drop in to share your story through various stations in the gallery, or participate in a workshop or event!

Join the Art Gallery of Mississauga, QTBIPOC Sauga, and Broadening Horizons as we understand by creating, stopping, reflecting, and sharing: What is a border? What does border crossings mean? Why do we need borders? When does a border become a border?

AGM’s Community Activator, Sharada Eswar, and artists Sonja Rainey & Anu Radha Verma will facilitate this interactive arts informed activities. Everyone is welcome. The stories and experiences you share will be included in the AGM’s Border Crossings creation lab between September 7 - October 22.

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