LinkedIn Local Peel

Lab B

60 Queen Street East Unit 104
Brampton, Ontario

Welcome to the first LinkedIn Local Peel!

We want to help individuals learn more about their communities and the people in them. Our events aim to help people connect on a more human level, getting past the titles and company names. We want our guests to focus on building relationships and if a business opportunity should happen, then it's an added bonus. Having LinkedIn as a foundation for our events gives people an easier way to connect during and after the event. As well there is a good chance you might have already connected with some of the guests online. This makes it an even playing field for those who are outgoing and ready to network, and those who are a little on the shy side.

Our event will consist of a whole lot of networking time, and a few special guests. We want to make sure you have ample opportunity to connect with as many people as possible, as well as time with our special guests. We want you to leave wanting more, and an urge to return to our event the following month.

Link to register:

There is free underground parking at the Rose Theatre, located at 1 Theatre Lane.

Dress Code: 
Professional Casual 

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