Exciting new exhibit coming to PAMA in Brampton


Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) will showcase an exhibition entitled, Trash Talk: Local Action, Global Change, to kick off Waste Reduction Week.

The exhibit will explore the challenges faced when it comes to residential waste management, along with creative solutions across the region as well as the world.

It will also highlight facts about reducing, reusing and recycling, environmental pollution, the circular economy and more. Guests will also be able to learn more about recycling initiatives within the Region of Peel, getting a closer look at what happens at waste management facilities, textile waste, the invention of plastic and the overall importance of a circular economy.

The experience will feature an opportunity to weave mats from plarn, dig into a landfill, play a sorting game and photo ops at a crowdsource and selfie wall. 

Sam Cronk, Sr. Curator, History at PAMA said, "Everything comes from the Earth - we have to share these resources wisely.  Preparing for this exhibit has been an eye-opening experience for me, learning the details about waste management here in Peel, and realizing how interconnected we all are."

This exhibit will open on October 19, 2019, and run until March 22, 2020.

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