Extreme Cold Weather Forecasted for Brampton


If you were planning to spend some time outside tonight, you might want to postpone for now.

Although temperatures are currently an already icy -9degC, they're expected to plummet to a horrid -17deg overnight. That means that an extreme cold weather alert will be in effect for Brampton.

Brampton residents should note that temperatures are expected to drop drastically over night. 

The Weather Network confirmed that extremely cold temperatures have "flooded into southern Ontario, prompting an extreme cold weather alert from Toronto’s medical officer."

The Weather Network added that "temperatures will plummet Wednesday as the coldest air of the season leaves daytime highs fighting to rise above the minus 10degC mark across southern Ontario, with wind chills of minus 15 to minus 20."

It's important to be mindful during extremely cold weather and to stay indoors as much as possible. 

Residents should dress to suit the weather by wearing multiple layers of loose fitting clothes, (including a hat, scarf and mittens) and cover up as much exposed skin as possible.

Residents should also remember to drink warm fluids that do not include caffeinated and alcoholic beverages (as they cause your body to lose heat more rapidly).

Residents should also bring in pets without adequate shelter.

Stay warm, everyone!

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